About The Education Partnership

“Comprehensive resources for a quality science curriculum”

The HEP Science curriculum and professional development programme was launched in 2021 to reduce teacher workload and improve pupil outcomes. It is now used by over 100 schools, making a positive impact for thousands of children. Schools have been able to explain and demonstrate highly effective quality of education in Ofsted deep dives where they have implemented the science curriculum with fidelity.

Our curriculum plans and resources are carefully sequenced and include a cohesive and detailed rationale, following the National Curriculum for science. The Key Stage 2 science progression from earlier years and towards further key stages is carefully mapped.

Each National Curriculum topic is introduced through beautifully illustrated booklets, full of concrete examples that put science in context for all learners. The topic booklet is used alongside a set of 6 lessons in PowerPoint format, designed to allow teachers to easily tailor each lesson to meet the need of their pupils.

These all-inclusive resources ensure all children gain a deep understanding of scientific concepts and skills as they develop excitement and curiosity about the world around them.

The evidence-based format of every lesson delivers ambitious and engaging teaching and learning. Substantive and disciplinary knowledge content is organised into:

  • A unit map and differentiated objectives
  • Spaced retrieval
  • Literacy and Scientific literacy strategies
  • Numeracy activities
  • Working scientifically and Scientific enquiry, (including integrated instruction to reduce cognitive load)
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Metacognitive reflection tasks

A programme of continuous, high-quality professional development supports subject leaders, teachers and teaching assistants to deliver Key Stage 2 science confidently. Each CPD session focuses on guidance for using the resources and progression of subject knowledge and skills. Collaborative curriculum planning covers a range of pedagogies, including sharing of best practice within each year group.