How does it work?

The HEP SS2 Science curriculum programme is based on a membership model for group of schools. We work with ‘clusters’ like Education Trusts, MATs, and Councils.

Once your membership is activated, your area lead will be the main point of contact for your family of schools. They will provide the password to download  curriculum material, forms to order hardcopies of the booklets and links to guidance and support session with the author.

The latter will also be organised by your area lead and will allow your cluster to access regular keep in touch sessions with Brenda Hayles, to maximise and guide your teachers through the full benefits of the programme.

  • Detailed curriculum plan

  • Full curriculum rationale

  • Six booklets per year, including a synoptic unit for Summer 2

  • A set of PowerPoint slides for each lesson, with each lesson directly corresponding to a booklet chapter and week in the term

  • In development – a short video as a teaching supplement for selected units
  • In development – a core series of remote training sessions preparing all teachers to teach the programme
  • Website containing further support

  • Networking opportunities with Haringey and Enfield schools who have taught the programme since 2020

  • Regular support sessions with Brenda Hayles and your schools

Pricing Structure

The HEP KS2 SCIENCE programme is a whole and does not sell resources separately. The resources are offered to communities of schools who wish to take up the full package of required training and ongoing support.

It is offered on an annual subscription basis, as follows:

  • £500 up to 1 form entry

  • £750 up to 2 form entry

  • £1000 up to 3 form entry and above

This includes access to all resources on the website and all training.

In addition, hard copies of the booklets are purchased at £3.00 per booklet plus £10 delivery.

The booklets function as textbooks: pupils do not write in them, allowing for multi-year re-use. We estimate that the booklets, with their durable covers, will stay in good condition for at least five years, and longer if you place them in a plastic wallet. Some larger schools have purchased one class set of booklets and used the set across multiple classes. It is not possible for schools to print their own booklets. The resources on the website are watermarked and are not for reproduction.

If you are part of a community of schools and would like more information on how to join our science programme, or a would like a presentation of the programme with Brenda Hayles, please contact James Page:

If you have any questions on the curriculum material and development, please contact Brenda Hayles: